What is the monthly salary of an animator, VFX in India?

It is an art form
How about someone asks "what are the scopes in being a painter as a career in india?"
That would be ofcourse a wrong question to ask. You choose painting as a career if you have passion interest or skillset towards art.

I Know painting and animation is not exactly the same as in animation we have an industry of hierarchy and pipeline where plenty of people having different kind of responsibilities. But the point i am trying to make here is that you should choose animation as career if you really want to be animator and you are passionate about it. Passion about films, cartoons, drawings, storytelling.

The mistake what many students make is that they dont treat animation as an art field. They just join some institute thinking that it would be easy and fun way to make money. And thats when we get thousands of young men who don't make a good career or even can't get even a job after their animation courses.

The facts of industry these days
The current situation of industry is quite not so happy too. Television is  not that popular now after youtube and internet being quite accessible. Production of 3d animation tv serieses is going low year by year. Coz children (US any Europe) are not watching TVs but playing on their ipads. (This culture is not here in indian kids. But anyways they are never the target audience for any international CG tv series.)

VFX industry of bollywood is also something which looks very good only from far. When the VFX (post production stage) starts, there is very less money with producer to invest. And these days they won't compromise with the marketing and publicity budget. So we artists are told that after movie will hit the theatres and make money, only then we will get the salaries.
(I have friends who dint get salaries for months while working on films and eventually the film dint do good on box office ) film like Aladin

How it feels to be in industry

There is too much hard work, struggle, sleepless nights, working weekends, less salaries (compared to other industried) yet too much satisfaction, fun, mesmerizing artists around you. And the feeling that you are doing something magical

So bottom line would be that you should choose it if you are really feel like being an animator. There would be too much of hard work but if you really enjoy working like me, Trust me. There is no great feeling than having a career out of your passion

Absolutely Visual Effects Artist can have a great career and also very high salary which is the most attractive part of this profession.  Salaries are in the range 8-15 K for freshers. But after experience in MNCs like Pixar, Technicolour (Bangalore), Rythm and Hues (Hyderabad) salaries are more than software engineers. Actually there are some guys with 5 years of experiences who are getting 70 K per month.

Well if you are a hardworker and passionate you will have a handsome income, because hard work is always paid of whatsoever be the career.  Remember, your Career is a resultant of your knowledge combined with your passion and expression ability. And VFX is really a cool career because VFX industry demand is increasing in India also abroad. In India,there are already many visual effects studios that provide visual effects for Bollywood films and some of them now provide visual effects for Hollywood as well. The demand for more studios is only going to increase over time as the demand for visual effects increases and India's capability for producing it improves.


According to the BLS, the demand for multimedia artists and animators was expected to grow about six percent, slower than the average for all professions, from 2012-2022. This anticipated growth was attributed to an expected increase in demands for special effects in the film industry and graphics for mobile technologies. Incidentally, the film industry was the largest and best-paying employer of visual effects artists in 2013. The creation of computer-generated animation in the scientific research and design was also expected to add opportunities for visual effects artists.


Students need to have a firm understanding of standard software tools of the industry, such as Houdini, Nuke, RenderMan, Adobe CS5, mental ray, and Autodesk Maya. Although a degree is not necessarily required for jobs in this field, a bachelor's degree is standard

Hope this helps. All the best :)


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