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2D Animation
2D and 3D
24 Months

Best Animation Institute in Dehradun

Ever wondered about all the VFX and animations that were used in Hollywood movies like Avatar? Were you intrigued by the realistic battle scenes portrayed in the film Bahubali and want to know more about how one is able to render such animation?
Animation is essentially a process by which you create an illusion of motion by rapidly displaying slightly varying static images in a sequence. It may sound like a tedious and complicated process, but with a creative flair and knowledge of the required software, you can create complex animations with ease.
The animation course offered at the Doon Digital Gurukul is one of the most reputed 2D/3D animation courses in Dehradun that you can enroll in.

In today’s times, the animation niche is one of the most sought-after courses, and rightly so. It provides you with an opportunity to venture into the world of animation, and with the proper knowledge and skill set, the avenues of opportunities in the field are endless.
Students enrolled in the 3D animation courses in Dehradun offered by the Doon Digital Gurukul will gain working experience and expertise in various software like Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere, and Autodesk Maya. This software enables you to create realistic renders, making people awe in disbelief when viewed on the big screen.

Why Enrol In An Animation Course

If you’ve been following the film industry, you’ll be well aware of the growing influence that animation is demanding towards the screenplay of movies. It plays an essential role in helping bridge the gap between the director and the audience by portraying emotions that are very easy to grasp.

Additionally, the animation industry sees a growth in demand in the digital marketing niche wherein designers are using their sketches and other means to create animations that really resonate with their viewers. Go with the best 2D animation training institute in Dehradun and learn essential principles to create and animate beautiful characters.
So why not enroll in the best animation institute in Dehradun in the shape of the Doon Digital Gurukul and equip yourself with all the relevant skills to excel in the film industry.

Course Eligibility, Highlights, and Programme Duration

VFX course offered by Doon Digital Gurukul, a premium animation training institute in Dehradun, is oriented towards providing students with industry-centric knowledge backed by practical experience on actual projects. As a student enrolled in the course, you will be subjected to hands-on practical training on animation projects wherein you will get to test the latest software.
And with a certified faculty to guide you through the process, this animation course will be more of a dialogue based on interaction rather than simply acquiring theoretical know-how.
Aspirants can pursue a certificate course provided at Doon Digital Gurukul.

Animation Syllabus and Subjects

As a student enrolled in our animation course, these are the topics that you can expect to be introduced to while building your repertoire of animation skills.

  • Elements of Information Technology
  • Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Basics of Animation
  • Foundation Art
  • Computer-Based 2D animation
  • Multimedia & Computer Graphics
  • Introduction to 3D Animation & Modeling
  • Introduction to Mass Communication & Media Literacy
  • Technical English
  • 3D Animation
  • Production Process
  • Multimedia
  • Composing and Editing
  • Colour Theory
  • Layout and Perspective
  • Sketching and Landscaping

Animation Job Opportunities and Career Prospects

Doon Digital Gurukul provides the best animation training in Dehradun that would open many career prospects for your formal education. You can further venture into allied fields such as a 3D modeller, flash animator, cartoonist, or even a forensics animator. The animation ecosystem is very diverse, and with the rise in digital platforms, the demand for quality animators is soaring. With a suitable skill set, you can also expect a job opportunity in the government sector.
Even the data backs this notion; according to estimates, by 2025, the demand for animators will rise by about 17%. The coming years will see a job increase of about 70,000 both in the private and the government sector.

Therefore with a view of the future, an enthusiast needs to be well-versed with the nuances of animation and receive formal education from a reputed course like that of the 2d animation course in Dehradun offered by Doon Digital Gurukul.



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Which course is best for animation?

Animation & VFX  or a distinctive course in Animation is a program that offers excellent value for animation enthusiasts in terms of skills gained and job opportunities. Animation courses offered by Doon Digital Gurukul are rated as one of the best courses in Dehradun.

Is animation a good career?

Yes. Animation in today’s times is considered one of the most lucrative jobs out there due to the rise in demand- movies, video games, and other forms of media. With attractive salaries offered to talented uprising animators, the job security that comes with freedom in terms of creativity cannot be paralleled by other fields.

What are the 4 types of animation?

3D Animation– The most popular type of animation involves the creation of graphics in spatial geometry. A majority of movies use this kind of animation.


Stop Motion Animation– This was prevalent in the ’90s and was extensively used in cartoons. Classics include the likes of ‘Tom And Jerry’ and so forth.


Traditional animation (2D)- Only suitable for flat screens, this is an integral cornerstone of animation as animated films are initially developed as 2D before getting converted into 3D.


Flipbook Animation- This traditional method wherein people draw a sequence of sketches on a notebook has become obsolete in the professional world. However, specific projects spring up from time to time in the media industry that is unique and captivating.

Is there any entrance exam for animation?

Different colleges have different sets of criteria for application to their animation courses. Most candidates are shortlisted based on their portfolios and 10+2 marks.

Fee structure of the animation course?

On average, the course fees for an animation course ranges anywhere between INR 54,000 to INR 185,000 per annum depending on the college, institute and the placement opportunities that are on offer.