Why Creative People Should Consider Animation As Their Career?

Why Creative People Should Consider Animation As Their Career?

Why Creative People Should Consider Animation As Their Career?

A career in animation industry is one of the most demanded and an apt choice for today’s youth. The demand comes from everywhere in fields like entertainment, government, education, and marketing among others. The animation is an industry offers multiple roles for aspiring individuals from various fields and profiles.

If you enjoy being creative, and enjoy bringing characters to life, animation may be a career choice worth considering. All the way, you are expected to be creative and artistic, with communication and time management skills. You must have computer expertise and the ability to use animation and video editing skills.

Required Skills to foray into Animation Industry

If you are looking to enter this profession, the possible roadmap is to enroll into courses that offer exhaustive understanding of animation, graphics & web designing and multimedia. These days 2D animation is being replaced by 3D animation in movies and gaming. Software like Autodesk,Maya, C4D, Zbrush, Blender etc. are highly recommended.

The other basic skills include nurturing creativity and appreciation of aesthetics. An animator must have the ability to express ideas through drawings. This demands a good visual imagination along with appropriate sense of colour. It is advised to build a portfolio in order to show case artistry and creative and technical skills.

Animation is a full-fledged

The animation industry in India is expected to grow at a great pace. According to the latest FICCI report, the Indian animation &VFX industry is growing in excess of 20%. People who are passionate about art,animation can the right career choice for them.

The future for animators as a career is wide and varied. There’san open field of employment opportunities in animation studios as story board artists, animation or character artists, compositing artists, video and audio specialists, visualizing, texture and lighting artists and editors in film labs.

Animation career is rewarding but high in demand. Your creative abilities and passion for the art will hold the key to growth. If you want to study animation, you must have broad and clear thinking. One must be creative with whatever they do. They must have a vision in their minds which is unique and stands out among others.

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